In our 61st year, Deer Valley Ranch is a top-notch, destination dude and guest ranch vacation resort. During a week at Deer Valley, our guests have the opportunity to fish for trout in a high mountain lake, climb one of Colorado's highest peaks, whitewater raft the rapids of the Arkansas River, pan for gold, square dance under the stars, ride a horse above timberline to view wildflowers, elk and deer. Our staff have opportunities to enjoy these same activities, but are hired to help provide a unique vacation -- shown by their service, hard work, helpfulness and friendliness -- for our guests.


Select Image to viewOur goal at Deer Valley is to give our guests a unique family vacation in a Christian atmosphere and our staff is the key factor in achieving that goal. Serving others as Christ served the church is the philosophy we are looking for in staff we hire. We do our best to let our work reflect our faith. On Sunday morning we stop to praise our Lord and Savior in a morning worship service. Our wranglers lead a devotional at Wranglers’ Breakfast and many of our staff share their faith musically at our Sunday evening hymn sing. There are usually impromptu Bible study options for the staff, both on and off the ranch. Through over 60 years of serving our guests, the one comment that is most consistently repeated is that “the Christian atmosphere is the best thing about Deer Valley”.
“My priorities in life are Faith, Family and Friends.  At Deer Valley Ranch, I was immersed with each one of these important aspects of my life.  My relationship with God was strengthened by the people I met, the work I did and the beautiful country I was in.  One thing that surprised me…was how much the owners and year round staff genuinely cared about the summer staff which…was reflected in their great faith in Christ Himself.  I am all about adventure...and on my days off I…climbed many 14ers, mountain biked, checked out the Maroon Bells in Aspen and…went on some amazing horseback rides.  When my friends back home apathetically told me about their summer jobs, I couldn’t help but smile as I recalled my amazing memories from Deer Valley Ranch.”

~ Brady from Indiana


  • We prefer to hire college-age young people who have completed at least one year of college. Wranglers need to be at least 18 years old.

  • The dates a summer employee can commit to work are very important. We would like all of our summer staff to arrive no later than May 30th, 2015 and depart no earlier than August 15th, 2015. One of the most important considerations of our decision to hire staff will be the dates they can work. In addition, we often need several employees to begin working mid-April / early May as well as some staff to work through October.
  • We ask that our staff participate in activities with the guests, make a good western appearance and have a pleasing attitude as they work with each other. We require attendance at our Sunday night hymn sing, Monday night square dance and Thursday night staff show. If staff members have any musical or acting abilities, we ask them to help with our staff show.
  • We maintain a strict No Alcohol / No Recreational Drug / No Tobacco policy. We reserve the right to establish a curfew and restrict dating.


You are welcome to find out more about Deer Valley Ranch employment by checking out our Positions and FAQ pages.  After you have read over all our employment information, please complete a 2015 application for employment.

We typically begin accepting applications in November but do not start making our hiring decisions until January.  We usually finalize our hiring decisions by March.  Call or email us if you have any questions.

If you have worked at Deer Valley Ranch before and want to reapply for summer 2015, please complete and mail to us the returning staff application no later than January 1st.

What our guests are saying
"If a vacation with a friendly, hard-working staff is important... If beauty beyond desire is needed... If quiet is desired... If fun is required... If a Christian foundation is valued... If horses, water, fishing, hiking and a 'Wild at Heart' experience is sorely needed... Then...Deer Valley Ranch must be for YOU!!!"

The Longstreet Family from Grant, Michigan
"How truly wonderful 'The Ranch' experience was for us ... again. Our children fell deeply in love with the place, the horses, the wranglers, the deer, and the pools. Thank you for all the efforts you all make .. to fix this firmly among our most treasured memories."

The Grieger Family from Waukesha, Wisconsin